Quality Assurance Statement (Madeira Lodge)

Madiera Lodge is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is the regulator for health and social care services. It has historically gained a good report from the CQC the home passed all regulatory requirements in 2014, Prior to the inspection in 2017 the previous inspection report showed:-

People told us that the staff were kind and that there were enough staff to meet their needs. Staff spoke with people in a calm, positive reassuring manner. The provider had a robust recruitment procedure and suitable checks were carried out on prospective staff prior to them working at the service.

People maintained good health as the service worked closely with health and social care professionals. Activities were provided which were advertised and people had support to take part in meaningful activities in the home and at a day centre run by the provider.

People were treated with respect and their dignity and privacy maintained. A visiting relative told us that they felt their relative was safe and had the care and support they needed.

The provider had systems in place to monitor the quality of care people received.

In October 2014, following a number of national scandals, the CQC brought in a new and “tougher” inspection regime for care providers. Research by healthcare analysts Laing Buisson found that 73,000 residents/clients are now in care services where care is below the new regulatory requirements of the CQC.

Within the South East of England, almost 50% of care services have been rated inadequate or requiring improvement. In view of increasing regulatory and economic challenges, BBC Radio 4 recently reported on how ‘care is in crisis’.

Madeira Lodge was inspected January 2017 and the owner, manager and staff were deeply concerned to be given a “Needs Improvement” rating. Madeira Lodge has always put caring for its clients at the forefront of what it does and has enjoyed a stable and very experienced workforce for many years. The report highlights how clients and relatives are extremely happy with the care that is provided. However, shortfalls were noted in terms of documentation relating to care planning, person centred risk assessments, and quality assurance monitoring.

Madeira Lodge has taken immediate steps to remedy all of the concerns raised by the CQC and its action plans can be read below. We have strengthened our senior management team by employing a Head of Quality who has many years of experience as an Operations Manager and was an ex Care Quality Commission Inspector for 13 years.

As part of our Good Governance Framework, we wish to set out how improvements to our service will be achieved by the adoption of robust monitoring and audit systems. It is important for the quality of the care delivered, growth and sustainability of the company that a continual improvement cycle is in place which identifies any deficits so that improvement plans can be implemented.

Madeira Lodge continues to receive good support from clients, relatives and local health care professionals and we are dedicated towards providing the best care for older people. We hope you will come and visit us and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our staff.

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