Coronavirus statement from Belmont Healthcare

Dear All Family, Friends and Belmont HC Residents During these uncertain and concerning times I thought it best to open direct dialogue with you all where possible. I hope you have seen that we have attempted to take action early with our mitigation policy of reducing visitors and access to our homes.

As the virus is growing in stature we are now only allowing essential visitors to our homes for emergency circumstances please. I hope this is understood as we move to mitigate and protect the vulnerable people in our care. We have been monitoring the situation and have tried to be ahead of the curve by reducing the number of visitors to a bare minimum as of last Monday 9th March 2020.

Of course we still need to maintain our links to suppliers and ensure we have all the supplies needed to operate effectively and we are doing so. Fortunately many of our suppliers are commercial ONLY and therefore we are not reliant on panic buying and high street issues. We trust you understand our efforts and the fact we are trying to work as closely as possible with the guidelines to ensure we get through this difficult period.…/covid-19-residential-care-supported-li…

Obviously we must continue to work to care for people, our care teams are doing amazing work and I'm amazed by how they have reacted and are working to continue this support for your family members. Our teams are the life of what we do and I'm extremely proud of them all pulling together. It is our priority to support them deliver on a daily basis. We will be updating our Facebook and Twitter pages but any questions and queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly or the team by phone or email. I hope this goes someway to put your mind at rest a little on our commitment to supporting those in our care.

Kind Regards Adam Hutchison Managing Director | Belmont Healthcare

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