Cathy Worman, Care Worker at the New Romney based Madeira Lodge Care Home received direct praise from the Duke of Cambridge.

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Cathy Worman, Care Worker at the New Romney based Madeira Lodge Care Home received direct praise from the Duke of Cambridge, during a video call facilitated by The Care Workers’ Charity to help him speak directly to frontline social care workers.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spoken to care workers from across the UK to hear about their experiences of providing care during the coronavirus outbreak, and to thank them for their tireless efforts to continue to look after the most vulnerable in our society.

The Duke heard about the measures that they have taken to ensure that they can continue to deliver care throughout the coronavirus outbreak, including by self-isolating from their own families. The participants discussed the impact that these measures have had on their own mental wellbeing, and the crucial need to support social care workers on the frontline of the coronavirus. His Royal Highness also heard about the work that is being carried out by The Care Workers Charity to help those across the social care sector.

During this call, The Duke said:

“If there’s hopefully some positivity that comes out of this horrendous time, it is that there’s a light shone on all of the wonderful things you all do and on the social care sector, and it allows people to acknowledge, respect and appreciate everything that you are doing.”

Adam Hutchison, managing director at Belmont Healthcare Group, and Madeira Lodge Care Home says: “Words cannot express what it meant to the whole of our care team to be recognised for our work with genuine interest and respect. We are very grateful to Duke of Cambridge and I know it really made Cathy’s day, month, year, to speak to the Duke face to face”

There are almost 2 million care workers in the UK, contributing to one of the largest workforces. They spend their careers assisting others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it is the care workers who need help.

Please help The Care Workers’ Charity be there for Care Workers in need. Keep the UK caring and donate at the Coronaviruscareworkersfund Just Giving page

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