Staying connected to family and friends is top priorty whilst staying safe and away from the risks and dangers of the coronavirus.

Technology is worth its weight in gold as it keeps residents of Edendale Lodge care home in touch with loved ones and friends.

Staying safe and away from the risks and dangers of the coronavirus Edendale Lodge is in lockdown, but it hasn’t stopped residents touching base with those who are most important to them.

Embracing Facetime, Skype, email, and making more traditional phonecalls, has developed into the normal routine for residents, for some who have only just learnt to use and handle such technology.

Theresa Toal, registered care manager at Edendale Lodge says: “Technology has been an enormous benefit in helping our residents stay in contact and updated with the lives of family and friends. You can’t understand how uplifting this is, and has been, to not just our residents but their families and friends who are comforted by the contact.”

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