Our Vision & Values

Our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that each individual personal is a unique social being who has dignity and worth, and although requiring acts of assistance due to their frailty, or ill health, should do so only in a climate which enables them to retain their self respect and independence.

Carers will provide holistic caring relationships, which will assist residents to maintain optimum mental, physical, social and spiritual well being.

“I could see all around that the staff were caring and that’s so important to the resident and the family”

Our individual programmes of care, a homely environment, and organised social activities together with the skills of positive attitudes of carers will ensure an environment where a person can make informal choices relating to their lifestyle, allowing a balance between social interaction and privacy.

Our Visions:

  • To uphold the rights of residents
  • To ensure continuity of care for all service users
  • To maintain and promote optimum independnce and individuality
  • To provide choices and challenges to reinforce dignity & self esteem
  • To articulate and monitor the qualify of care
  • To develop our carers and the systems for caring
  • To maintain a safe and secure environment
  • to encourage involvement from and provide support to relatives
  • to be innovators in Care - offering multi enviroment solutions for support

Our Values:

  • Innovative
  • Continuity
  • Awareness
  • Responsive
  • Empathy

Our values as business best impress on the fact that care is an important step in many families’ lives; it affects all part of family life and community. However the care is delivered and which ever format through Belmont Healthcare Group our values as a business are paramount.

Some of these values maybe obvious within an organisation, which operates in our sector but we feel it’s important to drive towards these 5 key areas. As with this comes a common theme, which runs through everything, we do.

Our 'Philosophy of Care'

At Belmont Healthcare Group, we offer a uniquely different choice for older people and for people with physical disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis.  Our objective is ‘to create an environment where residents receive the highest standards of care, where dignity is respected, where talents and interests are encouraged and where life is lived to its fullest potential'.

Belmont Healthcare’s objective is to ‘promote independent living by helping people continue to live as normal a life as possible in their own home wherever practical'.

Our services will meet the individual's needs and be sensitive to, the race, religion and the cultural background of each person.

The Wellness Circle

At the heart of our quality approach is ‘Person Centered Care'. This looks at the ‘Whole Person' and not just part of a person.

It is so important to meet each person's needs in order to achieve the right benefits for them.This can be achieved when having awareness of the following:

  • Their Physical needs
  • Their Social needs
  • Their Environmental needs
  • Their Emotional needs
  • Their Spiritual needs
  • Their Intellectual needs

Achieving this is our responsibility; and what a wonderful responsibility it is. "Wellness is a Journey, not a Destination."

If you have any questions please call: 0333 444 0121