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Our Approach to Care

The importance of continuity of care is at the core of everything we do at Belmont healthcare. Our philosophy is to enable people and their families to make their own decisions about care to reduce having to make decisions in crisis. Care is an emotive subject its focused on care for a close member of your family more often than not and this means ensuring its the right one.

Continuity of Care

Belmont started as a small 25 bed care home family business, from the outside looking in the vanilla approach to care focusing on a bedroom seems alien. And therefore this has evolved to ensure Belmont looks at the individual in need and how we can enable them to lead a happy, wellbeing lead later life experience. When focusing on the changing landscape of illnesses in later life certainly Dementia this doesn't mean people should always be focused on residential care in the first instance. Using a multifaceted approach to care we are in a position to develop how we engage with families to ensure the decisions made are your own and for the benefit of the family. 

At Belmont Healthcare we offer many forms of care which can flex to the needs as and when required. This could include:
  • Rehabilitation following hospital treatment
  • Residential care both long term and short term stays
  • Day care
  • Companionship
  • Social isolation support
  • And everything in between

No one decision is the right one but being a single provider offering multiple levels of support helps people have a more managed introduction to the care journey, ultimately making easier for everyone.

The Care Journey

Some of the amazing work of our teams has been displayed with some great testimonials from our families who we have supported during their care journey.