A Special Visit to Haslington Lodge Care Home by Dartford Councillors

Residents at Haslington Lodge care home shared tea and a chat with local dignitaries

Belmont Team

In a harmonious blending of community outreach and ceremonial tradition, Haslington Lodge Care Home recently welcomed esteemed Councillors David Mote, Carol Gale, and Anita Barham, for an afternoon of camaraderie and shared local pride.

Dartford Councillor David Mote with ActivitiesCoordinator Tracey Crittenden.

The visit saw the council members interacting freely with residents, sharing stories, listening attentively, and fostering a sense of collective identity and unity as they presented residents with a coronation mug gift.

Over refreshments and a selection of lovingly baked cakes, the councillors and residents forged a memorable connection as they discussed local memories and history.

Rachel Lucas, Manager at Haslington Lodge Care Home said: “The visit and presentation was a gracious gesture from the local Councillors.The thoughtful gifts resonated deeply with the residents, serving as both a tangible symbol of the Coronation's historical significance and a commemoration of this special day at the care home.”

Ward Councillor Anita Barham presenting a coronationmug to resident Roy.  

The cups not only served as a souvenir from the visit, but they also stood as a unique memento of a significant time in British history. These shared moments of cultural significance sparked a rich dialogue about personal experiences, bridging the gap between generations and fostering a deeper understanding among all present.

Rachel concludes by saying: “This delightful afternoon gathering demonstrated Haslington Lodge's commitment to its ethos of unity and community engagement. The visit by the local councillors highlighted the importance of maintaining strong community ties and integrating the residents into the larger fabric of Dartford's social life.”

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