During Care Home Open Week Edendale Lodge Care Home Receives a Beacon of Hope.

Father Roberts from St. George's Church in Crowhurst paid us a visit, his mere presence radiating comfort and joy.

Belmont Team

During Care Home Open Week, a quiet sense of anticipation filled the air at Edendale Lodge Care Home. It was not just any day; Father Roberts from St. George's Church in Crowhurst brought comfort and joy to both residents and staff with his uplifting home service.

Making his debut appearance during Care Home Open Week, it seemed fitting to welcome Father Roberts in to the care home community where residents eagerly anticipated his visit marked with blessings, prayers, and uplifting spiritual reflections.

Zoe Kendall, Manager of Edendale Lodge, reflected on the importance of these visits, saying: "The invaluable bond between Father Roberts, Edendale Lodge, and its residents serves as a vivid reminder of faith, community, and love. It highlights how small acts of service can have a profound impact, enriching lives and providing comfort to those in need.”

Access to faith and spiritual support is an important aspect of holistic care in care homes for several reasons:

Personal Beliefs and Values: Many residents in care homes have a lifetime of spiritual or religious practice. These personal beliefs and values are a critical part of their identities and can provide a sense of comfort, especially in times of uncertainty or during the end of life.

Emotional Support: Religion or faith can often offer emotional support and hope, especially during challenging times. It can be a source of solace and strength.

Community Connection: Faith-based activities can often help to foster a sense of community and belonging among the residents, providing them with social opportunities and companionship.

Routine and Familiarity: Following faith-based practices can bring a sense of routine, familiarity, and stability to residents' lives. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with dementia or cognitive impairment, for whom familiarity and routine can have calming effects.

Coping Mechanism: Faith can be an essential coping mechanism for dealing with grief, illness, or the process of aging. It can help residents find meaning in their experiences and maintain hope.

Respect for Diversity: Providing access to faith-based services within care homes is also a way of respecting diversity and promoting inclusivity. Everyone should have the right to practice their religion or belief freely.

Ethical and Moral Guidance: Faith often provides people with a moral or ethical framework for understanding the world and their place in it. Having access to this kind of guidance can be particularly important in times of stress or illness.

Father Roberts mission extends beyond the walls of his church, reaching out to the wider community, including the residents and staff of Edendale Lodge Care Home, delivering his unique service. Now with a routine monthly visit to the care home everyone can look forward to a spiritual lifeline.    

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