How Aariya’s Heart-warming Gesture Brought Joy and Happiness

Wombwell Hall Care Home in Northfleet recently received an unexpected helping hand from a very special little girl.

Belmont Team

Wombwell Hall Care Home recently received some unexpected help from a kind-hearted five year old school girl Aariya Vara.

A half day off Maypole Primary School in Bexley prompted Aariya to help her mother Gurpreet, deputy manager at the care home, serve supper. Aariya topped up every water beaker, served sandwiches, and even encouraged one resident who had not been eating much to have a meal.

Grateful for the extra pair of hands, the care team appreciated the enthusiastic assistance, but it wasn't just the staff who welcomed Aariya's gesture; the residents also loved it.

The result was evident in the form of happy, smiling faces throughout the care home. The staff members were impressed with Aariya's kindness and willingness to help, she even helped with the washing up and sweeping of the lounge floor.

Gurpreet Vara, Deputy Manager says: “Aariya brought a lot of joy and happiness to the elderly residents and the staff members alike. The smallest of gestures can bring a smile to someone's face and make a significant impact in their life. We hope Aariya’s story inspires others to offer their help and support to those who need it.”

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