Kent Council and Belmont Healthcare Forge Path in Tech-Driven Residential Care

Belmont Healthcare is recognised as a beacon of best practice in the integration of technology within residential care home

Belmont Team

Kent County Council has recently spotlighted Belmont Healthcare as a beacon of best practice in the integration of technology within residential care home as part of a promotional video highlighting the best of social care in Kent.  

Belmont Healthcare, known for its commitment to quality care, has been working closely with Kent County Council to illustrate their use of advanced technology in their care homes. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance the quality of life for residents through cutting-edge solutions that promote efficiency, safety, and wellbeing. 

These include the introduction of care home management software, removing paper-based systems day to day data is accessed and updated via smart devices and desktop computers. Additionally, Belmont has embraced telemedicine, enabling residents to consult with healthcare professionals virtually, thus reducing the need for external hospital visits.

Kent County Council have recognised BelmontHealthcare's dedication to technological integration in transforming the way care is delivered, noting the positive outcomes already observed as an example of using technology as a responsive care model.

Adam Hutchison, Managing Director at Belmont Healthcare, commented, "We believe that technology has the power to revolutionise care for the elderly and those with special care needs. We are proud to be working alongside Kent County Council in promoting these advancements whilst setting the standard for continuous improvement and the future of care in our homes."

This partnership is just one example of how Kent County Council is investing in the future of care, ensuring that the county remains at the forefront of innovative health solutions.


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