Madeira Lodge Care Home Creates Serene Quiet Lounge to Enhance Residents' Wellbeing

Embracing the tranquil ambiance of a newly introduced quiet lounge, we are delighted to inaugurate the regular Madeira Lodge Siesta

Belmont Team

Madeira Lodge Care Home in New Romney is setting a new standard for dementia care with its innovative approach to creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for residents living with the condition.

By introducing a new quiet lounge over looking the garden, the care home is providing residents with a serene retreat where they can relax and unwind.

In addition, all the staff, from the cook to the cleaners and maintenance, are taking part in the Alzheimer's Society Forget Me Not Dementia Training to gain a deeper understanding of how best to support and care for residents with dementia.

This training programme is designed to provide staff with a better understanding of dementia and how they can help residents living with the condition. The programme includes training on communication, managing behaviours, and creating a dementia-friendly environment.

Karen Way, Madeira Lodge Interim Manager says: "We are committed to providing the best possible care for our residents living with dementia. Creating a quiet lounge and enrolling all our staff in the Alzheimer's Society Forget Me Not training are just some of the steps we are taking to achieve this goal. We want our residents to feel safe, comfortable, and supported, and we believe these new initiatives will help us achieve that."

The new initiatives have already made a significant impact, improving the quality of life for residents and setting an example for other care homes in Kent.

To learn more about dementia there are many valuable resources and informative articles in our Advice Hub as well as a plethora of information provided by the Alzheimer’s Society that can be accessed here: and here:

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