Sharing Skills and Joy Through Knitting Class

Violet, a seasoned knitter, enthusiastically stepped in to share her extensive knitting skills and knowledge with care team member Nicole.

Belmont Team

Madeira Lodge Care Home knitting class took a positive turn when attendee, and experienced knitter, Violet enthusiastically took over to share her knitting skills and knowledge with care team member Nicole.

Violet, who has made Madeira Lodge her home, brought her extensive knitting experience to the class, creating an atmosphere of learning and camaraderie.

Her passion for knitting is evident in the intricate patterns and designs she creates. Recognising an opportunity to pass on her skills, Violet took Nicole under her wing, guiding her through the basics of knitting with patience and enthusiasm.

Nicole, who had little experience with knitting before joining the class, expressed her gratitude for Violet's mentorship:

"Violet has been an incredible teacher," Nicole shared. "Not only have I learned a new skill, but I've also built a special bond with her. It's been a truly enriching experience."

The knitting class at Madeira Lodge Care Home is more than just an activity; it is a testament to the vibrant community spirit that thrives within its walls.

By fostering an environment where residents and staff can share their talents and learn from each other, the care home ensures that every member feels valued and engaged.

"We are thrilled to see the positive impact of our knitting class," said Kelly Parker, Care Home Manager of Madeira Lodge Care Home. "Activities like these are essential in promoting well-being and happiness among our residents. It's amazing to see the connections being made and the joy it brings to everyone involved." 

Madeira Lodge Care Home remains committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for its residents.

The knitting class is just one of the many activities offered to ensure that residents can pursue their interests and continue to lead fulfilling lives.

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