Finding the Best Care Homes near Maidstone: Belmont Healthcare’s Top Choices in Kent

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When choosing the right care home for your loved ones, location, quality of care, and a welcoming environment are all important to consider.

At Belmont Healthcare, we are proud to offer three exceptional care homes in Kent, each providing person-centred care and a supportive community for residents.If you’re searching for care homes near Maidstone, our Madeira Lodge, Wombwell Hall and Haslington Lodge care homes offer the right environment for your loved ones. Let’s explore what each has to offer and their convenient locations.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenient Locations Near Maidstone: Belmont Healthcare offers three care homes in the Kent area (Madeira Lodge, Wombwell Hall and Haslington Lodge). Each one is situated within an hour’s drive from Maidstone, providing easy access for family visits.
  • Comprehensive Care Services: All three care homes provide person-centred care, including, dementia care, and respite care, with facilities such as private dining rooms, en suite rooms, and communal spaces to ensure a high quality of life for residents. Nursing care is available at our Wombwell Hall location. 
  • Dedicated and Compassionate Staff: Each care home is staffed by a dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional standards of care, ensuring residents receive personalised attention and support tailored to their individual needs.

Madeira Lodge: Coastal Comfort and Care

Located in New Romney, Madeira Lodge is a 48-bed purpose-built residential care home for those with dementia and related illnesses. Located near the seafront the soothing sounds of the sea and fresh coastal air provide residents with an enjoyable, peaceful and calm environment.

Madeira Lodge is known for its warm community atmosphere and residents can take part in a range of engaging activities that keep them active and social. Our dedicated team provides high-quality care services, ensuring all residents live in comfort.

  • Distance from Maidstone: Approximately 40 miles (around an hour by car).
  • Types of Care: Residential care, Dementia care, Respite Care.
  • Facilities: Ensuite bedrooms, wheelchair access, conservatory with sea views, communal dining room, landscaped gardens, call bell system

Discover more about Madeira Lodge by visiting Madeira Lodge Care Home.

Wombwell Hall: Historic Charm Meets Modern Care

Wombwell Hall is nestled in Northfleet, Kent, combining historic charm with modern facilities. It has 120 beds with extensive grounds that provide a picturesque setting for residents, providing nursing, dementia and palliative care.

Our experienced staff at Wombwell Hall are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and creating a homely environment for all residents.

  • Distance from Maidstone: Approximately 25 miles (about 40 minutes by car).
  • Types of Care: Residential care, Dementia care, Nursing, Respite Care.
  • Facilities: Landscaped gardens, wheelchair access, quiet lounge, communal dining room, activity classes, WiFi.

To learn more about Wombwell Hall, please visit Wombwell Hall Care Home.

Haslington Lodge: A Peaceful Care Home Near Maidstone

Haslington Lodge is a charming care home situated in Greenhithe, Kent, providing 24 hour care and assistance for elderly people and those who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Our dedicated team at Haslington Lodge provides person-centred care tailored to each resident’s needs, ensuring comfort and well-being. The care provided includes nursing care, dementia care and respite care, ensuring all individual needs are met with exceptional standards.

  • Distance from Maidstone: Approximately 20 miles (about 35 minutes by car).
  • Types of Care: Residential care, Dementia care, Respite Care.
  • Facilities: Ensuite bedrooms, quiet lounge, electric profile beds, activity classes, on-site parking, communal dining room, library and WiFi.

For more information about Haslington Lodge, visit Haslington Lodge Care Home.

Why Choose Belmont Healthcare?

At Belmont Healthcare, we understand the great importance of finding the right care home that meets the specific needs of your loved ones. Our care homes in Kent are designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for all residents.

Whether you are looking for a care home near Maidstone or exploring options within the wider Kent area, Madeira Lodge, Wombwell Hall and Haslington Lodge offer excellent choices.

Each of our care homes is staffed with compassionate professionals, committed to providing the highest standards of care. 

From daily activities to specialised care plans, we ensure our residents receive the attention and support they deserve.

Our care services are designed to cater to the individual needs of our residents, ensuring their day-to-day living is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Visit Us

We invite you to visit our care homes and experience the Belmont Healthcare difference firsthand. Schedule a tour today and see how our Madeira Lodge, Wombwell Hall and Haslington Lodge can provide the perfect home for your loved one. 

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any other enquiries you might have.

For more information, or to arrange a visit please  contact us by calling 0333 444 0121 or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a care home cost in and around Maidstone?

The cost of a care home in Maidstone can vary depending on the type of care required and the specific care home chosen. On average, you can expect to pay between £1000  and £1,200 per week for residential care, and between £1050 and £1,500 per week for nursing care. These costs can be higher for specialised services such as specialist dementia care, or care requiring a greater dependency.

What is the average cost of a care home per week in the UK?

The average cost of a care home in the UK varies based on the level of care required. As of 2024, the average weekly cost for residential care as a self funder is approximately £1160. For nursing care, the average weekly cost range is approximately £1410. Prices can differ based on location, the type of care home, and additional services provided.

How much will NHS pay for a care home?

The NHS provides funding for care home residents through NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) for those with significant ongoing healthcare needs. If eligible, the NHS covers the full cost of care. Additionally, the NHS offers a Funded Nursing Care (FNC) contribution of £209.19 per week (as of 2023) to cover nursing care costs for those who do not qualify for CHC but still require nursing care in a care home.

Does everyone have to pay for care homes?

Not everyone has to pay for care homes out of pocket. Funding for care home costs can come from several sources:

  • Local Authority Funding: If your assets and income are below a certain threshold (currently £23,250 in England), you may qualify for financial support from your local authority.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare: If you have significant ongoing healthcare needs, you may qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare, which covers the full cost of care.
  • Self-Funding: Individuals with assets and income above the threshold are typically required to self-fund their care home costs. This includes using savings, pensions, and potentially the value of their home.
  • Deferred Payment Scheme: Some local authorities offer a deferred payment scheme, allowing you to use your home to help pay for care costs without having to sell it during your lifetime.
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