Belmont at home home care supports stroke recovery client

Belmont at Home helps stroke rehabilitation clients regain confidence after a sudden stroke.

Belmont Team

The home care support service Belmont at Home supports stroke rehabilitation client to find her confidence again after suffering a sudden and unexpected stroke.

Approached directly by the client, Belmont at Home manager Jennie Coy was very sympathetic to the anxieties and loss of confidence the client had in getting back to living a full and independent life full of the day-to-day routines and hobbies she had once experienced.

Jennie Coy, Belmont at Home Manager says: “Until you have had a sudden stroke you will never appreciate the shattering effect this can have on personal confidence. To be so sure in your mind and have unquestionable physical ability then suddenly to have that taken away only to learn those skills again can be daunting, and for some a mountain too high to climb.”

Belmont at Home understand this, which is why their skills and knowledge in helping people recover after a stroke are very much sort after. The rehabilitation process starts with a needs assessment followed by a detailed assessment of personal likes and dislikes. This is a comprehensive process that requires the experience of the assessor to pinpoint and recommend the route and process for recovery.

“An assessment is very personal. We have to get this right for the recovery to be a success. We also have to account for the fact that no two stroke clients are the same, the effects can differ and also that of the rehabilitation needs. From a meet and greet, to a bespoke assessment, it is as much about getting to know an individual as it is about recommending the practical steps to a full recovery.”

Recognising that the key to recovery is in enabling their client to get back to a normal daily routine, the Belmont at Home team developed a care plan focused on support without hindrance or taking over, in other words not doing what their client can do for herself.  

Jennie says: “Gradual recovery is all about confidence. With limited mobility the confidence to try wasn’t there but with our support and guidance our client felt much more secure about trying those basic tasks that seemed far too daunting. For instance, the prospect of taking a shower was terrifying, but with our assistance she did try and was successful. In what was a loss on confidence in her physical ability she was positively surprised at her capability.”

In helping their client to recognise her stroke but not be defined by it small steps became big steps and her confidence grew until once again she was taking control and responsibility for own actions.

Jennie Coy says: “From active life full of hobbies to a loss of trust in ones self, she successfully build back up to get to where she once was. With our guidance she became much more open to trying and her confidence built until she was back to where she wanted to be.”

Unlike a traditional home care service; the Belmont@Home service is offers a more bespoke and tailored service to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. From personal care, organisation of social activities, attending to daily admin, housekeeping and preparing meals, or acting as chaperone to appointments, the service is as focused as the customer wants it to be.

The main benefit ofthe service are the skills and knowledge derived from it’s specialist elderly and dementia care homes, which means Belmont@Home is able to offer specialised support to people living with Dementia, Parkinson’s or cancer, as well as those requiring care after a hospital admission.  

Unlike other home care services across the UK, Belmont at Home care services are not rushed. Every individual benefits from the care team’s time, attention, and care. No rushed visits, no clock watching, just time for dedicated personal service. Call us 0333 444 0121 and start your tailored homecare journey.

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