Belmont healthcare champion social care

Belmont Healthcare join care sector leaders in creating a charitable initiative called ‘Championing Social Care’ to shine a light on the incredible value of the social care sector and those who live and work within it.

Pioneered by a volunteer-led group of passionate leaders from across the care sector, Belmont Healthcare’s managing director, Adam Hutchison, joins a handful of notable ambassadors which include Professor Martin Green OBE of Care England, Henry Elphick of Laing Buisson, Karolina Gerlich of The Care Workers Charity and Haroon and Farouq Sheikh of CareTech plc, to recognise the work and value of the social care sector.

Supported by four Founding Patrons - the CareTech Foundation, Hallmark Foundation, Sekoia and Majesticare Luxury Care Homes - the movement will act as an umbrella organisation to the notable Care Sector Fundraising Ball and recent social media campaign #SparkleforSocialCare.

It will also encompass the Care Home Open Day which is set to relaunch in 2021 and, excitingly, in January 2021 a brilliant new virtual event, “Care Sector’s got Talent!” which is dedicated to showcasing the amazing talents of the social care sector.

Belmont Healthcare, Managing Director, Adam Hutchison explains more about his Ambassador status: “I personally want to do more to share with a wider audience the selfless and amazing work those in the care sector provide. For the vast majority Covid-19 has changed how they work, for those in the care sector it’s only heightened the need to protect and care for those most vulnerable.

“During the national lockdown care workers were living in the care homes where they work, not seeing their own families, not deserting their posts, but giving even more than they already do to care for the family members of others. That selflessness is indicative across the whole sector that works to care with dedication and compassion regardless of a pandemic. My status as an Ambassador of the Championing Social Care initiative will continue to spread this message until those that work in care receive the recognition and respect they rightly deserve.”

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