Belmont Healthcare Donates £2500 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s iMRI Fund

Belmont Healthcare has stepped forward with a generous donation of £2500 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Belmont Team

In a heart-warming gesture, Belmont Healthcare has generously donated £2500 to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital's iMRI Fund. This commendable contribution came from the company's Corporate Golf Day held at Shirley Golf Club, where members of the local business community came together in the spirit of goodwill.

Adam Hutchison, Managing Director of Belmont Healthcare (left), proudly presents the donation cheque to Dearbhla Craddock, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer, joined by Andrea Vinten, Head of Communications (right) at the Birmingham Children's and Women's Hospital.

Thanks to their outstanding support, Belmont Healthcare has earned a red balloon on the hospital's 'walk of fame' entrance - a symbol of the charity and a gesture of their deep appreciation.

The iMRI Fundraising Appeal aims to raise £1.5 million for a game-changing mobile MRI unit. This unit promises to revolutionise the way children undergo brain surgery at the hospital. Currently, during some procedures, children and medical teams have the daunting task of moving between floors to access the fixed MRI scanner. Such a process involves a significant team of 10-14 staff members, depending on the requirements. The mobile MRI unit will drastically shorten surgery times and provide a smoother experience for all involved.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for over 90,000 children and young people from all over the UK and beyond. This leading paediatric centre is renowned for pioneering treatments, intricate surgical procedures, and ground-breaking research. The charity's impact transcends mere financial aid – it reshapes spaces, enhances treatment, and upgrades equipment, ensuring children and their families receive the best care possible.

Andrea Vinten, Head of Communications at Belmont Healthcare, expressed profound connection to the cause, saying: “We are incredibly humbled to be able to support this charity. We were fortunate to receive a tour of the hospital. It was an unforgettable journey – one filled with heart-warming moments of hope and some heart-wrenching realities. BelmontHealthcare is committed to further fundraising endeavours for hospital charities in the coming years.”
Dearbhla Craddock, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, reciprocated the sentiment, stating: “We can’t thank Belmont Healthcare enough. Guiding them through our hospital was a joy. Their generous donation will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of countless children.”
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