Belmont healthcare joins the #purpletuesday campaign

Announcing its commitment to becoming accessible to disability, hidden and physical, Belmont Healthcare sign-up to the Purple Tuesday campaign to make its customer experience much better for those with disabilities.

Getting started on its accessibility journey the company has already made simple but significant changes starting with redesigning its website to be much more user friendly.

By using specific fonts and sizes, adopting headlines and maintaining a consistent layout, the website has become much clearer and easier to read. Special attention was also paid to the colours used. Making sure colour combinations such as red and green, blue and grey, or purple and blue were avoided, makes the website less restrictive to view for those who are colour blind. 

Adam Hutchison, Managing Director at Belmont Healthcare says: “Our eyes have really being opened to how we can be a more accessible company to disability. It isn’t just about disability in the obvious sense either. Our customers, future customers, and employees may have hidden disabilities too. If we can make life easier for them then we’re really doing our job, which is why I’m thrilled to be part of the Purple Tuesday campaign. We’ve only just started but expect to hear more from us in the future as we continue to work with Purple to make changes.”

It all starts with small changes. Get started and register to participate in Purple Tuesday for FREE, demonstrate your commitment to improving the experience of disabled people by making at least one commitment! This could be a commitment to conduct a web audit of your website and make plans for improvements, or gather feedback from your disabled customers through customer surveys or a mystery shopping programme and make plans to act on the results.

#PurpleTuesday takes place Tuesday on the 2nd of November 2021. Register and stand alongside other care providers to celebrate Purple

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