Belmont Healthcare Proudly Supports Giles Trust Brain Tumour Fund Fundraiser

Belmont Healthcare proudly showcased their dedication as sponsors of Moseley Cricket Club.

Belmont Team

Belmont Healthcare demonstrated their unwavering commitment as proud sponsors of the Birmingham and District Premier League Champions for 2023, Moseley Cricket Club, during a heartwarming charity event.

The company took part in a charity event organised by the Giles Trust Brain Tumour Fund, an initiative established by former cricketer Ashley Giles and his wife Stine. The event aimed to raise crucial funds for patients battling brain tumours, providing vital equipment and support.

The charity event saw prominent figures from the cricketing world come together in support of this noble cause. Among the attendees were Ashley Giles, Asif Din, and Tim Muntin, all of whom have made substantial contributions to the sport and its community. They joined forces with the Moseley Cricket Club Team, creating a powerful synergy between sportsmanship and charitable giving.

One of the highlights of the event was a signed cricket shirt that carried the weight of 15 years of Warwickshire Cricket Team player signatures. This remarkable piece of memorabilia proved to be a significant draw for cricket enthusiasts and collectors alike. With the shirt alone raising an impressive £300.

The Giles Trust Brain Tumour Fund is dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of those affected by brain tumours, offering much-needed resources to enhance patient care and improve their quality of life. More information about this inspiring charity can be found at

Belmont Healthcare’s dedication to supporting both Moseley Cricket Club and charitable endeavours like the Giles Trust Brain Tumour Fund exemplifies their mission to foster positive change and improve the lives of those they serve. Their involvement in this event is a testament to their values of care, community, and compassion.


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