Belmont healthcare rates highly with customers

Belmont Healthcare’s recent customer satisfaction survey amongst the family and friends of residents across four homes reveals high levels of customer satisfaction.

90.5% of respondents rated the quality of care across the group as outstanding or good, with 95.2% commending the exceptional cleanliness. 100% satisfaction was achieved in rating the friendliness of staff, with 85.7% rating the overall environment and atmosphere as outstanding and good.  

One family member had this to say about the level of service and facilities: “The home has an excellent feel of love and care which is what we the relative want to feel when we visit. It can be very hard to put a relative into care but to know they are in a happy place, we feel supported. I hope that all the staff from the top down receive the same level of support as this is not an easy environment to work.”

Adam Hutchison, managing director at Belmont Healthcare says: “We take our customer satisfaction really seriously. Our priority is to provide the very best care to those in our care, but equally important are the family and friends of our residents who also want to be part of this care. Engaging the opinions of family and friends provides us with an insight into what people really think. We are delighted that a high percentage of the feedback was very positive, and will continue to build on this to make sure everyone who is involved with our business continues to feel supported.”

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