Bowler shows off the belmont branding

Crowhurst Park Cricket Club bowler displays the Belmont Healthcare logo perfectly during an away game.

We don’t know if he made it into the record books with that bowling but we do know that the club has recently achieved 10 wins in row, which is fantastic to learn and a great victory.

Here’s hoping the celebrations continue and we see our name top of the league, and with plenty of the season left, who knows, we could very well be celebrating down on the pitch.

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of longor short, respite and day care, or at home care for those in need of support. Specialising in enhanced care and support of older people, care is also offered for those living with Dementia and other life changing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Our homes are perfectly situated in delightful settings around the UK and provide a very homely atmosphere whilst being safe and secure making the people we care for feel right at home.

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