Employees receive special recognition

A Belmont Healthcare wide initiative extolling special recognition to employees has been launched with the first announced by managers this month.

Angela and Dan from Madeira Lodge, Tina from Sandbanks Lodge, Joe from Edendale Lodge and Chris from Haslington Lodge, were all selected by their respective mangers who felt during the month of February their contribution had a wide and ranging positive impact on residents and the teams they work with.

Adam Hutchison, Managing Director at Belmont Healthcare said: “We recognise all our team members contributions day-in day-out, but it’s especially nice to be able to say thank you for your contribution to those in the moment. I know those recognised would say they’re just doing their job, but it’s our way of saying we appreciate you.”

Each person selected received a personalised ‘special recognition’ certificate and an Amazon voucher to spend on anything they like. Now the management teams are busy making their shortlists for those special recognitions in March. Watch this space for the announcement.

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long, short, respite or day care for those in need, specialising in care of older person who lives with Dementia, and other life changing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Our homes are situated in delightful settings around the UK.

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