End of life care is very personal at belmont healthcare

The role of a Belmont Healthcare care worker is an incredibly skilled and rewarding job. One aspect the care team take very seriously is the personalised delivery of end of life care.

Ensuring best practice and caring protocols are adopted, the professionally trained care team put their knowledge and skills into motion during what is often regarded as a ‘sacred journey’.

Currently the care team is taking part in an award winning programme of care for the dying associated with the Soul Midwife School. The training allows the team to extend its knowledge, but more importantly deliver the very best tender and loving care those in their care deserve.

Adam Hutchison, managing director at Belmont Healthcare Groups Says: “There is no price you can place on end of life care. Care workers are used to experiencing loss and for them managing end of life care is very personal. Every care worker I know takes their role in the end of life journey very seriously, and if they can make that journey more comforting through empathy, compassion, love and tenderness, they will go above and beyond to provide that.

“The coronavirus outbreak has presented us with intense pressures and demands. Caring for those entrusted in our care, keeping them and our own families safe, and with little or no government support we refuse to compromise on the quality of personalised care delievered. Our care team have never lost focus, it has simply encouraged them to understand and learn how they can support our residents more.”

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long, short, respite or day care for those in need, specialising in Dementia, Parkinson’s and Specialist Elderly Support situated in delightful settings around the UK.

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