Going bald for charity success

Fulfilling her promise to shave off all her hair to raise money for a teenager with a rare genetic disorder, Home Support Assistant, Marie Gardiner from Belmont at Home raised a total of £1085.

Marie made the drastic cut to help the overall fundraising efforts to buy a specialist wheelchair for 19 year old Cameron who has been recently diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder.

Marie had this to say about the event: “What an incredibly emotional day! I am so very grateful for everyone who has supported me in this fundraising challenge. It has been worth shaving my hair off to contribute to overall fundraising total so far of £4725. Of course specialist wheelchairs do not come cheap so please, if you are able, please take the time to make a donation, no matter how small it will make a big difference.”  

Raising money for Cameron's wheelchair Go Fund Me page

Jennie Coy, Belmont at Home Manager says: “Unbelievably epic, Marie has shown amazing commitment and determination in raising as much as she can for Cameron. We are all incredibly proud and hope Cameron will now be able to purchase the wheelchair he needs to help him live his best life.”

Friedreich's Ataxia is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects 1 in 50,000 people, there is no cure. Symptoms include unsteady posture, scoliosis of the spine, frequent falling, difficulty walking, slurred speech, diabetes and a heart defect.


Marie Gardiner is pictured with a freshly shavedhead with Jennie Coy Belmont at Home Manager

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