Madeira lodge care home helps to keep carm

Madeira Lodge Care Home supports local charity wellbeing CARM as the charity spends time with those that call the Care Home, home.

The charity provides wellbeing and mental health support through one to one befriending services and care setting reminiscence services to older people who many feel lonely or isolated.

CARM use their services to transport individuals back to a time they remember fondly, taking the time to focus on the individual and their personal wellbeing. Visiting for a chat about day-to-day topics, or focusing on the good old days, picking up on treasured memories can be especially beneficial for those living with dementia.

Sarah Pennington, Manager at Belmont Healthcare says: ”Care homes are not places you would associate with being lonely but sometimes it is nice to see a new face, hear new stories and share new conversations with people outside of our Care Home setting. Just like any of us do, we appreciate visitors to our home and working with CARM provides the opportunity to get to know someone new who has different life experiences. It’s refreshing, especially when you find you have something in common and can provide a real feel good boost.”

CARM is the leading charity working within Romney Marsh and surrounding rural areas of South Ashford to reduce loneliness and isolation of older people. It offers one-to-one befriending, group meeting points and care setting reminiscence services to older people.

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long or short, respite and day care, or at home care for those in need of support. Specialising in enhanced care and support of older people, care is also offered for those living with Dementia and other life changing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Our homes are perfectly situated in delightful settings around the UK and provide a very homely atmosphere whilst being safe and secure making thepeople we care for feel right at home.

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