Madeira Lodge Care Home Shines with Dementia Excellence

In the heart of Madeira Lodge Care Home stands a transformed beacon of dementia excellence.

Belmont Team

Madeira Lodge Care Home stands tall as a beacon of specialised care, transforming rapidly in to a centre of dementia excellence. At its helm is Karen Way, with just four months since her inception as the Registered Manager, Karen has breathed new life into the care home.

Beyond bolstering the care team with 13 new adept members, ranging from carers to domestic helpers, Karen’s zest for thorough training shines through. Every staff member undergoes the 'Forget Me Not' dementia training. This arms them with knowledge of the multifaceted world of dementia, enhancing their capability to cater to individual needs, ensuring residents navigate their journey with dementia in the most enriched manner possible.

But Karen's influence isn't restricted to the confines of Madeira Lodge. Her visionary approach saw the forging of closer community ties, most notably with Canterbury College, local primary schools, and the local church. This synergy has brought forth intergenerational and community engagement, further enriching the lives of the residents. Their world expands further with visits to local attractions, providing fresh experiences and the opportunity to create new memories.

Additional enrichment comes from an alliance with Oomph Wellness, a wellbeing activity resource, who provides tailored person-centred activities designed specifically for elderly care. Residents can now find solace in animal therapy, rejuvenate during music sessions, and discover their inner artists during art sessions. Their world expands further with visits to local attractions, providing fresh experiences and the opportunity to create new memories.

One of the jewels in Madeira Lodge's crown is the 'Understanding Dementia Workshop'. Initiated by Karen and curated by experienced dementia specialists, it offers families and friends insights into dementia. Offering hands on practical advice and greater understanding about living with dementia, these workshops have fostered closer connections and positive communication with relatives.

With a healthcare journey spanning 44 years, Karen's commitment to the elderly and especially those with dementia remains unwavering. From her days as a district nurse in Kent, to her advocacy in the Dementia Forum in Hythe, her legacy is one of passion and dedication.

The difference Madeira Lodge is making under Karen's stewardship hasn't gone unnoticed. Practice Nurse Mandy Hogg’s heartfelt gratitude for the care given to her Aunt Connie is a testament to this. As Mandy eloquently shared, the essence of healthcare transcends beyond mere treatment – it's about memories, trust, and community.

With a bright vision for the future, Madeira Lodge Care Home promises to be more than just a care home. It's a community where memories are crafted, bonds are forged, and every individual finds their way in their own dementia journey.

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