Message of thanks is the ultimate in kindness

We’re working tirelessly to keep everyone safe, cared for and  motivated taking our responsibilities very seriously as the coronavirus  shows us it has no boundaries.

The reality is it means we are all distanced in how we work, and  from those we love and care for, but we remain to do our job to ensure  those most vulnerable, our residents, are provided with the same quality  of life free from exposure to danger.

When we receive messages of thanks you cannot underestimate the  effect that has on all of us. It touches us, makes us grateful, and  encourages us to stay positive during such difficult times.

It lifted our spirits to read this message of thanks recently sent  to Maderia Lodge "My dad has been a resident of Maderia Lodge since  November 2019. The whole family cannot speak highly enough for the care  and dedication all staff give to him, not only do they care for him they  pay attention to my mum’s wellbeing and any worries or needs she may  wish to discuss.

“Since the lockdown, the home has been extremely supportive to mum,  giving her updates on dad’s daily routine and his welfare. They even  made the lovely gesture to try and get dad to talk to mum over the  telephone, a little confusing for him but at least she heard his voice.

“A wonderful kind thing happened to mum today, one of the carers who  had just finished her shift passed mum’s home and dropped off a  photograph of dad that had recently been taken (during this lockdown).  That kind thought meant such a lot to mum and I cannot thank them  enough. All staff are working incredible well under such challenging  situations and to do something like that was so thoughtful. So please  send our heartfelt thanks to Sarah and the amazing team at Maderia  Lodge.

“There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of him and I  know they are doing such fantastic work caring for dad keeping him safe  and well, it is very much appreciated. I wish everyone to take great  care and stay safe.”

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