Never off duty at madeira lodge care home

One lucky New Romney lady was certainly blessed to have six carers on hand when she stumbled to a fall knocking her head.

In what must have been a one in a million chance, six off-duty carers we’re there to help a local resident who cut her head after falling outside the high street Spar in Greatstone.

Angela, Chloe, Charlotte and Kara leapt to assist the lady who was in a great deal of shock and distress. But with their help, cleaning up her wound, keeping her warm with their jackets, the Madeira Lodge team stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

Caring even when off duty.

Sarah Pennington, Manager at Madeira Lodge Care Home says: “What were the chances of so many carers being in one place at that precise moment in time. So proud of them and true to form, carers are really never off duty. So proud and incredibly grateful to the other carers on handf rom a community care company (we didn’t catch the name) and Creedy House who called for the ambulance.”

We’d like to share the message we saw on The Real Marsh Watch from the lady we helped.

“I wouldl ike to give a big thank you to the off-duty carers who looked after me last night while waiting for an ambulance after I fell outside the Spar in Greatstone. Also to the staff at the Spar who provided ice, towels and hot drinks while we waited. Unfortunately, I was too shaken to get any names but I am very grateful to all that helped me last night. Thank and praise the lord that these ladies were there just when they were needed.”

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