Our physical hugs have gone but our messages of love remain

The importance of communication has never been as important as it is right now. Lockdown has removed our ability to hug those most dear to us but it hasn’t taken away our need to communicate love.

Madeira Lodge residents write their messages of love to family and friends and display in their recently taken selfie images sharing the following messages: “Love you both a lot”, “Can’t wait to see you both”, “I love you all the time”, “I love you and miss you”

Liz Tart, registered manager at Madeira Lodge Says: “Communication during a time of crisis is so important, but nothing could be more important than keeping our residents in touch with their families and friends. A message of reassurance, a genuine smile, a little wave, and I love you, goes a long way right now. We’re all in high spirits making this work together until the time comes when we can get together and have that much-needed hug. But for now the messages are just fine.”

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long, short, respite or day care for those in need, specialising in Dementia, Parkinson’s and Specialist Elderly Support situated in delightful settings around the UK.

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