Our tip of the hat to st patrick

We didn’t need an excuse to have a celebration, but we were extremely pleased to get behind St Patrick’s Day this week.

We flew the Irish flag and displayed four leaf clovers during a lunchtime celebration, which featured the amazing musical talents of our in-house maintenance man Chris.

In an audience with, Chris treated residents to a folk music extravaganza playing his Myfife and Accordion, which prompted a lot of toe tapping and a traditional Irish jig, rounding off to huge applause of appreciation.    

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Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long or short, respite and day care, or at home care for those in need of support. Specialising in enhanced care and support of older people, care is also offered for those living with Dementia and other life changing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Our homes are perfectly situated in delightful settings around the UK and provide a very homely atmosphere whilst being safe and secure, making the people we care for feel right at home.

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