Partnerships drive home care success

Home care company Belmont at Home is there to care as it supports NHS patients after discharge back into their own homes.

Belmont Team

Driven by bespoke care packages that can support individuals recover after a hospital stay, the team at Belmont at Home are experiencing an up-turn in enquiries to care for people in their homes.

From one patient requiring stroke recovery support to others who simply need an extra hand to recover from a fall, the help on hand from Belmont at Home is making a huge difference to the lives of people whom without their help wouldn’t have the confidence to return to their home-life routines.

Jennie Coy, Belmont at Home Manager says: “Here at Belmont at Home we are in the fortunate position of being able to pick-up the responsibility where the NHS leave the patient; at the point of discharge. For many the thought of ending that support can be incredibly intimidating, especially if their admission into hospital was because of a fall or something more serious like a stroke. 

“We pride ourselves on being there for people. It’s all too easy to think a person will just slip straight back into their home routine. For many that can be a huge hurdle, the simplest of tasks can seem like mountains to climb. Being able to take over the caring responsibility after discharge provides caring continuity and also the confidence that their needs are being met andnot ignored.” 

Unlike other home care services across the UK, Belmont at Home care services are not rushed. Every individual benefits from the care team’s time, attention, and care. No rushed visits, no clock watching, just time for dedicated personal service. 

Call 0333 444 0121 and start your tailored home care journey or visit our website Belmont at Home.

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