Piecing the words together to create a summer escape

Thoughts of summer getaways were certainly evident during a board game favourite at Haslington Lodge care home.

The popular game of Scrabble became the focus of summertime seaside trips as the criss cross board of words spelt out words such as ‘icecream’ ‘sea’ ‘sand’ and ‘fish’ with the word ‘summer’ taking a special place in the centre.

Being based close to such maritime history it’s perhaps no wonder the seaside was such a focus, but managing director Adam Hutchison had this to say about another  good reason to play scrabble.

Adam Hutchison, managing director at Haslington Lodge care home says: “The seaside is so close to our hearts here in Dartford, and of course with Southend-on-Sea and Herne Bay not too far away it’s no wonder. So it’s really nice to be able to play scrabble as part of a reminiscence activity to help our residents with dementia remember aspects of their past and bring forward those most treasured memories of seaside visits and experiences that unfortunately the disease can so cruelly take away.”  

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