Searching for a home care provider

With the costs of residential care being very high, more and more people are looking to receive specialist, and paid for, care in their own home. This is often delivered by specialist care provider agencies, who employ carers with specific training and expertise in providing care in the home.

Picking a  specialist, and paid for, home care provider can be a difficult thing to do. That is why we have created a search facility to allow you to find a specialist carer in your area. Just put in details below of where you are and what kind of home care you are looking for.

Advantages and disadvantages of receiving paid for care in the home

Deciding whether to have care in the home, from a specialist care provider, can be a big decision, and there are a number of advantages and challenges that you need to think through.

Advantages of receiving care in the home

Financial benefit – Receiving care in the home is significantly cheaper. Average costs for care in the home are about £11,000 per year if you have a part-time carer, compared to about £30,000 per year if you lived in a residential care home.

Maintain your independence – Living in your own home allows you to maintain some independence and remain in familiar surroundings.

Friends and family – Being close to friends and family allows you to receive regular visitors in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with

You retain control – you remain in control over the support that you need and the areas where you want the carers to help you

Challenges with receiving care in the home

Be with other people – One of the advantages of a residential care home is that you are with other people and have the ability to interact with others on a daily basis. If you are living alone, you may find this lonely, especially if family and friends are not close by.

Risk of being on your own – Even though your carer will visit you on a regular, if not daily basis, it can still be a risk for you being at home, especially if your health is not what it used to be.

Value of your home – Another point that often gets missed until later, is that you may need to make modifications to your home to make it easier for you to get around. However, when it comes to selling your home, these modifications can negatively impact on the value of your home as any potential buyer may need to remove your changes and put the house back to ‘normal’.

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