Talking about the good times

Enriching our day-to-day lives we like to get together with our friends and talk about the good old days.

Re-visiting our memories, talking about our past experiences, and discussing our likes and dislikes is all part of enriching our day and exercising our minds.

The feel-good group activity has many benefits, especially on wellbeing and mental health. Prompting discussion Activity Coordinator Tracey used old photographs and quizzes to aid recall and encourage discussion.    

Tracey Crittenden, Activities Coordinator at Haslington Lodge Care Home says: ”A good chit-chat is worth a lot more than you think. I like to get everyone started by referring back to old photographs or designing a quiz where I ask people to think about items you might find in a kitchen cupboard. It definitely gets the conversation going and takes us down many avenues of conversations that we really enjoy having.”  

Belmont Healthcare offers multiple forms of long or short, respite and day care, or at home care for those in need of support.  Specialising in enhanced care and support of older people, care is also offered for thoseliving with Dementia and other life changing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Our homes are perfectly situated in delightful settings around the UK andprovide a very homely atmosphere whilst being safe and secure making the people we care for feel right at home.

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