The social care sector needs to retain its best staff - but how?

No one knows better than care home managing director Adam Hutchison of the highs and lows of managing, motivating, and developing a finely tuned team of caring professionals – that all important ingredient to the success of a good care business - people.

Having learnt the hard way about how to manage and get the best from staff, Adam pens his experience and lessens learnt into a book tiled Risk V Reward The Employee-Employer Conundrum, for care home owners and managers looking to achieve business critical employee - employer harmony.

Based on his first-hand experience in sectors with high employee churn, this very open account is a real eye opener that tackles head-on the positives and negatives of managing staff and the secret to successful employee - employer relationships, as well as pointing out some fundamental actions that should be taken.

Adam Hutchison, managing director of Belmont Healthcare says: “I remember going to work on a Monday morning with trepidation, even as a senior manager my heart was full of dread. The corporate culture of performance, achievement and the expectation of results were taking its toll and not just on me, I knew other employees were feeling the same. No organisation rises or falls without the influence of the employees on which they rely on so much, but so many companies focus on performance rather than operations. There are no quick fixes you have to focus on the employer - employee relationship to create a culture of motivation and loyalty - but once you have this cracked you’ll never look back.”

This step-by-step account of how he did it, and what really matters when making a business perform, teaches you about choosing, hiring, managing and retaining staff and how to recognise, motivate and mentor different personality types to create a business and company culture that works.

Adam Hutchison is the managing of Belmont Healthcare and speaks regularly on employee engagement in the workplace. He recently spoke at the Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference 2018, and will be speaking at the Dementia and Healthcare Expo in April 2018 at the NEC. His book, tiled Risk V Reward The Employee-Employer Conundrum can be found for sale on Amazon

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